There must have been a supernova in the well of souls the moment before I was conceived in my mother's womb. There is no one else who has ever lived on the planet who would last longer than 5 minutes in my skin. I have lasted 47 years, and counting. Only by the grace of God, I am. [Jul 26 2016]
I have never known what people expect of me. I have always felt connected to God and trusted Him like in Proverbs 3:5 and then I've just put one foot in front of the other in faith, believing that my foot would land exactly in the moment God designed it to, right down to every word I say or type. I have never felt human. I have always suspected I'm either the Antichrist, Jesus, a Vampyre, a werewolf, an alien or something else immortal. Most times I leave it up to God and love all things, love everyone and cherish every moment and live in the now. [Sept 21 2016]
While we know that nobody on either side of my family tree ever owned any African slaves, both recent sides are chocked full of country folk, hillbillies, Appalachian mountain folk, etc. I have billed myself for a long time as a long-haired Mississippi Mama's boy at heart. My Daddy taught me about guns, how to hunt & fish, as well as how to throw a baseball & football, and he also taught me boxing, ending in a final blow that told him his training was successful. None of this heritage aspect of me means that I won't know how to bow correctly when I meet the Chinese Premier, or won't be willing to sit in the dirt & eat lunch with a Pakistani metal tooler, because I absolutely will. Being in touch with, and not fearing or harboring reservations regarding, one's ethnic roots are important on many levels. That goes for anybody. [Oct 3 2015]

"He's always been honest and open with his thoughts and opinions. He's also always brave enough to call people out when they are being pretentious or rude. He's that rare guy who is truly brilliant, yet he also knows that his brilliance does not negate the knowledge and intelligence of others. I think that his recognition of the value of others is why he treats everyone as equal. He doesn't tolerate people treating others as less-than. He's always honest about who he is and he isn't afraid to be smart and he has a way of just sort of letting people be who they are. I think those parts of him have always been."

"He thinks and acts differently from much of what is considered to be the societal norm."

No religion, no violence, no fences,
no countries, no armies, no war,
no judgement, no worries.
World Peace.